The Back to Me Podcast

149. Building Generational Wealth with Shelby Patrice

Episode Summary

It’s Financial Literacy Month and one of the major keys to survival is your financial success. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Shelby Patrice, Financial Literacy Educator and Founder of Budget University. Ms. Patrice joins us to share how she created an innovative program that helps students develop financial literacy by learning through their core academic subjects. Through this fully accredited online program, find out how to sustain the whisper of generational wealth, instead of being perceived as a loud product of ‘new money’. Ms. Patrice completed her Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration at Kentucky State University. She founded Budget University in 2020 and the program was fully accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) within a year. She was featured on ⁠NBC Dallas News, won a $10,000 sponsorship from the Dallas Mavericks, and became a member of Engage Dallas. Ms. Patrice built her learning management system (LMS) and online App from the ground up and has accrued over 2,000 users. Budget University is now a featured program at Kentucky State University as a Freshman Experience course. As the former Miss Texas US 2016 and adoptee with a platform for Adoption and Foster care, she has taken the financial literacy pillar to the next level. To learn more about Ms. Patrice and her work, connect with her on IG @budgetuniversity and visit her website at

Episode Notes

Visit Budget University and start building your financial wealth!